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"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

                     Luke 6:31

Without a solid foundation walls crumble. It's that simple. I take much pride in my job and what I strive to provide for you is comprehensive report not just on what is wrong with your home, but how your house functions. From missing door stoppers to structural issues it's all in the report. Not all items in the home make it to what is called the "Summary Page" but they all make the report for your knowledge regardless. I want you to know what a cosmetic issue vs a defect preventing the item from functioning as intended. 

​Home Inspections from Charlotte to Winston-Salem. Licensed in NC & SC. 

God - Family - Job

When you put life in the proper order the rest of things tend to fall into place. First and foremost late my wife & I are Christians, second I was husband of 16 years, third I'm a father of 2 and last (but not least) I'm a home inspector. It doesn't mean that my job means any less it just means that I'm also a person. We as a society tend to forget that these days. At you're not a job, you're a person. That's our foundation. We'll build from there.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

                     Luke 6:31

and what it means to you.

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